WIFI Services

Let Us Help You Design and Implement your WIRELESS ECO SYSTEM

If you want to upgrade your wireless network, accelerate Wi-Fi deployments, simplify your networks, you should take a look at ABSG’s Wireless and Mobility Services.

ABSG Company Limited helps you Survey, Design and Build your WIFI Networks with Professional tools.

WIFI Solution Design

WIFI requires a much more complex design than that needed for wired connections. Security is central in designing a successful and safe wireless installation. We can offer a full WIFI Solution design tailored to meet your requirements and budget. Designs are always based on industry best practices.

Our WIFI solution designs begin as a collaboration with you through a design scoping workshop where the High Level Design document is created. Engineering resources will produce the Low Level Design document that will drive the technical configuration and deployment.


Deploying wireless infrastructure is a challenging task, involving multiple vendors and having very specific requirements. The deployment of the wireless controllers, access point installation, cabling and commissioning of the solution can be managed by us using a combination of our engineers, Project Managers and our network of trusted partners. We will plan the deployment accordingly to ensure it goes smoothly.